Hey there, did you know you can earn multiples this holiday season with the glimnetwork wallet?

If you’re new to the glimnetwork system, we welcome you, and if you’ve been a member for a long, thank you for sticking with us.

We have a Roadmap and Whitepaper you can read and learn more about the ecosystem

In this article we’re going to explain how to use and at the same time earn massively with the Glimnetwork wallet, Let’s get started

Glimnetwork airdrop program was launched around June 2022 with the goal of offering enormous tokens to early airdrop participants, but that’s not all; we also have additional great packages that can bring you immediate and future revenue without wait or concern.

We launched a Loyalty program a few months ago that allowed you to earn a stablecoin (GNST) whenever you completed a certain number of transactions within 24 hours. A few weeks ago, we also launched a referral fee commission on the wallet that allows you to earn 10% of the fee we charged from your referrals transactions; this commission is added instantly to your wallet and is ready to be spent.

What’s the point of all this?

Let’s say you performed 5 transaction with the glimnetwork wallet within 24 hours period, you will be earning a $5 stablecoin bonus(GNST) and also earn $GLIM token reward on each transactions(Deposits excluded except for TRC20,BEP20 and ERC20(polygon) transactions)

Then, if you have a referral that performed transactions as well, you will be earning a 10% referral commission bonus on every fee charged, if  we charged a $100 BTC fee, you’re going to receive $10 bonus worth of BTC , same for other coins and transactions and the fund is available to be spent, you can withdraw your profits, keep it in wallet or swap it to another assets within our internal swap system

So the point is, our wallet allows you to earn money accordingly, refer friends, educate them on how to use the wallet, you should also use our wallet services (Deposit, Withdrawal, Swap) then see your portfolio grows with us.



Thank you for your time, we wish you the best of luck, Happy earning ✨

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