Glim Presale Information And Vesting Schedule

The GlimNetwork team is dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive and profitable market environment. in this article a more detailed information regarding the Presale of GLIM token and the vesting schedule of the GLIM token.


After some due considerations were made, In order to protect our presale investors and to maintain a standard market appearance for the GLIM token there is a vesting schedule which as well is favourable to our entire GlimNetwork supporters and early community.


The Presale Arrangement is as follows;


Date: 20th April 2023

Price: $0.05

Coins For Purchase: USDT, Polygon Matic, TRX, BNB & BUSD

Venue: GlimNetwork APP/Web


After the presale activity, GLIM Token will be listed On CEX and liquidity added on Polygon DEX.


The GLIM Airdrop vesting schedule will be as follows;


All Presale tokens are 100% Unlocked and will be ready For withdrawals and deposits before first CEX listing


All GLIM token earned through Loyalty Program and Wallet activities will be 100% unlocked immediately upon GLIM first CEX Listing.


A 15% portion of the Airdrop free mined token will be released 30 days after the first CEX listing i.e A sum total of 15% of the available airdrop tokens in users wallet will be released.


Afterwards, a 20% of the airdrop free mined tokens will be released to all active users every 150 days ( 5 months ) till all tokens are fully distributed to user.


Some people asked what are accounts regarded as Inactive? All accounts that has no activity record such as referral activities, wallet activities, P2P or events such as GlimNetwork contests for 30 consecutive days will be deleted from GlimNetwork database as such inactivity is bot alike, in this regard series of notifications will be sent to users as buzz.

In the case of Accounts with available balances, such accounts will not be deleted, but if need arises probably due to security reasons and Sybil attacks there will be prior information for withdrawal before deleting. Also in the case of accounts of accounts with available balances that has no activity record for 30 consecutive days may have their airdrop altered.


Thanks for your understanding, See you all on the moon

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