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GlimNetwork Airdrop Ends, Further Earning Strategies Outlined

GlimNetwork Airdrop Ends, Further Informations

The GlimNetwork has made huge success over the past months giving airdrop to empower her amazing early users. On the 31 January 2023 the airdrop partially came to an end as planned by the project roadmap.

Some questions has been coming from our community globally. What is the next step as airdrop is ended? When is presale starting? When Coin listing on exchange?

As the airdrop has partially ended, the GlimNetwork loyalty program has continued and in a more standardized mode, You will earn 5 $GNST after every 5 swaps or withdrawal transactions and also instant $GLIM reward for each swap or withdrawal transactions

There will be a 50 $Glim instant bonus upon registration for our new users, an instant 10% bonus from each gas fee charged per transaction performed by your referrals. (E.g Wilson referred Hillary to join GlimNetwork exchange, everytime Hillary performs a transaction like swap Wilson will get 10% of the transaction charged fee charged Hillary), You also get 5% of Fees charged on P2P transaction.

Currently the 15 $GLIM deposit reward is for TRX, BNB, USDT and polygon related deposits. But the swaps and withdrawals reward in GLIM for all coins is still available

The GlimNetwork token listing is coming up by April 2023, the airdrop distribution or unlocking follows by May 2023 after necessary verifications. Users should note that KYC tier 1 and Tier 2 must be done completely before airdrop token can be released. Inactive accounts and fake accounts will be permanently deleted after the exercise.

GlimNetwork development team will be collecting wallet data of failed deposits during the wallet maintenance and possible refunds will be made.

Users both new and existing should note the GlimNetwork P2P and wallet activities has been reinstated and started fully and at a more cheaper rates, we advise all users to endeavour they are using the latest GlimNetwork application from Google playstore and stay tuned for further updates

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