GlimNetwork Airdrop Partially Ends

The core team of the GlimNetwork has met severally about the end of $Glim airdrop completely, at the recent held meeting it was considered based on quality assurance purposes, service stability and as well healthy project growth, to end the Glim token airdrop partially. This is in order to make sure our recent users benefit massively and never feel left out.

The Glim airdrop will still be going conditionally till the presale quarter of the GlimNetwork roadmap, as a project with considerate core team. What does this mean?

This literally means the Direct claim and the video reward earning functions will be removed from the app. The question is how else do i earn the Glim token and $GNST?

As the Airdrop is coming to a partial ending, you can still massively earn $Glim and GNST through the massive use of the Loyalty Program, what is this trending loyalty program?

The loyalty program is a beneficial event introduced by the GlimNetwork team to enable the loyal and supportive users get rewarded for every single action of theirs on the exchange. Who is a Loyal users?  GlimNetwork is a full made centralised exchange, all users who make use of the wallet for activities such as Deposit, Swap and withdrawals and get GNST as transaction charge back are the loyal users.

How do i earn GNST? Loyalty program earns you 5 $GNST (GlimNetwork Stable Coin) which is equals $USDT daily after 5 successful transactions daily ( Swaps and Withdrawal transactions only) 5 $GNST will be credited to your wallet automatically.

When is the Airdrop ending partially?  Frankly speaking, the Glim Airdrop ends partially on the 31 January 2023

You can only earn the Glim and GNST through the loyalty program after 31 January 2023. Within this period the referral commission is obviously going to be escalated.

The commission for wallet activities during this period of time will be increased at the interest of our new users and incoming users, the teams also promised a massive reduction in transaction fees ( Gas fees)

The team is most dedicated to providing more events to earn in the nearest future, kindly stay tuned for further informations.

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