As previously outlined, the Glimnetwork presale will begin on the 20th of April on a first come, first served (FCFS) basis.

Presale Rounds

There will be a total of three rounds of presale; the first will be selling at $0.05 and will be rolled over to round 2 if the average quantity is not sold within 48 hours. The presale round 2 will be sold at $0.15, while the presale round 3 will be sold at $0.2. The presale will be conducted within a maximum of 7 days.

Note: Presale activity may be closed before the allocated 7 days if the presale allocated quantity is all sold out within 24 hours

Listing And Staking

The presale will end on the 27th. Liquidity will be added to Uniswap a few minutes after the presale ends, and the Glim token will begin trading on Bitmart a few days later to allow the team to settle required technicalities.

There will be staking on Glimnetwork app (200% APY) after liquidity is added on Uniswap. the Glimnetwork team will further enable staking on other exchanges and staking based platforms.

To take part in the early staking, especially the Glimnetwork app 200% APY staking, you will need a minimum of 1,000 Glim to stake.

Presale Procedures

The Glimnetwork team have provided a 2 purchase modules; through the Website and the Glimnetwork Application.

To purchase through the website, make funds available in your Trustwallet or Metamask, open the Glimnetwork presale page, Learn more through this illustration video:

During purchase please don’t submit matic/polygon address from centralised exchange such as Binance, only submit Matic address from trustwallet, Metamask e.t.c, or your Glimnetwork Polygon Address.

To purchase through the Glimnetwork app, kindly update your Glimnetwork app to most recent version, open the app dashboard, you will have to click on “BUY GLIM – PRESALE IS LIVE” button to access the presale portal.

Presale Commission System

For our investors who want to earn passively through presale activities, access the Glimnetwork app, click on referral, copy your unique presale referral link (not regular referral link), and you will earn an instant 5% commission on each purchase made through your link.
For example, if James purchased $500 worth of GLIM token on presale with BNB, you will immediately earn $25 BNB and will be added to your Glimnetwork account, the funds will be available to spend instantly.

So you can refer as much as you can.

In the case of purchase through the app, you will receive 5% commission from purchases made through your presale referral link on the Glimnetwork app ( This applies to People that signed on our app using your link)

The Glimnetwork Ambassadors are entitled to 10% commission on presale instead of 5%

Why You Should Buy GLIM?

GLIM is more than just a pathway to Glimnetwork investors’ future. The Glim has provided various known and hidden benefits to early adopters (pre-sale investors and airdrop hunters) in preparation for a spectacular future.

1. There will be burn and buy backs, ( remaining allocations for initial mining, unverified airdrop tokens etc)

2. Staking, the initial 200% APY staking and other exchange staking is a plus to our wide range range of investors

3. The Glimnetwork team wallets will be transparently locked for 5 years

4. The GLIM token will be used to pay fees on Glimnetwork exchange activities, on the Glimnetwork NFT launchpad, on the upcoming GLIM Swap DEX and more.

5. GLIM holders holds Governance authority on the protocol.

6. The Glimnetwork team will further support builders on the GLIM blockchain in the coming quarters by reserved grants for builders

7. Partnerships and unlimited marketing.


Further watch about the Utilities of GLIM:

Kindly direct further questions to any verified admin or community managers.

Thanks, and see you on 20th.

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