In addition to rewarding you for your transaction on the GLIM app, which virtually all DEX/CEX can’t provide for their users, we do this to demonstrate our deep devotion to our brave community.

The reward for your transactions is not minor and cant be, we appreciate every effort put here by our users.

Our early supporters will see reasons to be happy when we launch and list GLIM soon.

The criteria for claiming is not tough, See below for transactions that attracts rewards;

Rewards are given for both internal swap transactions and withdrawals to external wallets.
Deposits to internal GLIM wallets attracts good rewards as well for TRC20, BEP20, ERC20(polygon) and USDT

The rewards stated above follows the below principles;

Each withdrawal from attracts 20 GLIM

Each Deposit to internal GLIM wallet brings to you a reward of 15 GLIM

Each Swap on GLIM wallet brings to you a reward of 10 GLIM

Additionally, you can receive bonuses if a referral completes a transaction that incurs a fee, earning you up to 10% of the fee charged from your referrals.

All GLIM funds connected to fraudulent conduct will be suspended and burned, and we always advise our users to refrain from sybil and ticklish acts when claiming prizes to get an advantage over others.

Steps To Claim GLIM
Open GLIM app, Click on wallet icon or Assets
Click on the coin of your choice e.g BTC
Choose between Deposit or Withdrawal
Complete either deposit or withdrawal and the appropriate quantity of GLIM will be automatically added to your balance.

Enjoy your experience on GLIM Network

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